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Body alert of white collars

    Work with no concentration, sleepless at night, dry skin, recurrent acne in the face, tec. These have almost become a common problem among white collars. Serious health problems of white-collars' are increasing.


    Long time air conditioned environment, prolonged use of computers for a long time, eating erratically ... ... These ways seriously threats to office people's health.

    After a survey on nearly one thousand office people between 20- year-old to 50 -year-old, yesterday 10 unhealthy lifestyles are announced. The report shows that lack of physical exercise , can not be guaranteed eight hours of sleep , long sedentary office points out the top three.

    In the "static" life is the biggest problem facing the office crowd.Survey results show that 50% people once they sat down, unless you go to the bathroom, easily does not stand,30% people who only feel sick to exercise,Only 12% of the average half-hour up time.At the same time, physical exercise is widely ignored.68% who don't exercise, only 10% less than once a week for regular exercise.

    However, such a static way of life is often very serious consequences :more and more youngers getting orthopedic disorders and cardiovascular disease;more and more office people getting Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease;Sedentary sport is not conducive to the blood circulation , it may lead to high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.