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Potential Dangers of Insomnia
1 , insomnia decreased work efficiency . Sleepless nights will cause inattention, decreased ability to understand , study efficiency is reduced , thus affecting people's work state.

2 , insomnia = disfigured ! Insomnia so many women looking dull , dull skin , dryness , pigmentation wrinkles . Insomnia has become a modern women's health and beauty main enemy .

3 , the elderly insomnia , endangering shocking ! Brain function decline, many of the elderly suffering from insomnia perennial torment . Prolonged insomnia will reduce the body's immune system , endocrine disorders, and easily lead to increased infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders , etc.

4 , shorten the life ! Sleep experts after years of testing and research results : chronic insomnia who will live 7-10 years less than normal . Long-term insomnia, can lead to a variety of acute and chronic diseases

5 , easily lead to depression, schizophrenia ! Insomnia can induce depression and schizophrenia. Some researchers survey showed that the average adult has had insomnia within a year the proportion as high as 57 %, including 53% of the symptoms of more than one year , but only 13 % of the patients Dr. Zeng Jinggen talk about their sleep problems. Furthermore, depression and insomnia and daytime sleepiness existence of a stable relationship , and insomnia are depression and anxiety disorder diagnostic symptoms. The study also shows that insomnia may be a common early symptoms of clinical depression , is induced depression and schizophrenia direct cause.