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Benefits of Negative Ions

For Allergies & Asthma

The prevalence of allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma has increased in recent years. This is particularly noticeable in urban areas where there are high levels of vehicle emissions. Detailed research has highlighted the connection between proximity to main roads or highways and the increased incidence of these allergic conditions.


Air pollutants can modify and enhance the allergic response in susceptible individuals. The presence of pollutants on the surface of these allergens appears to damage the lining of the nose and lungs, as well as inhibit the body’s cleaning mechanisms. In this way, the allergens can penetrate into the body and promote sensitization of the airways. The end result, for those who are unfortunate enough to suffer with these conditions, ranges from the inconvenience and misery of the annual hayfever season, to serious and potentially life-threatening allergic asthma that can strike at any time.

For Pregnant Mothers

Pregnancy is a major milestone in any woman’s life, and usually one of great joy and anticipation of welcoming a precious new life into the world. However, for a baby to be born healthy, the mother has to be wise during the many months of the pregnancy. Doctors over the years have more or less determined what is required for the child to develop healthily in the womb – good nutrition, sufficient rest, the avoidance of cigarette smoke, alcohol and drugs.

The TRUMPXP Air Sterilizers, with their massive negative ion generating capabilities, are especially effective in removing from the indoor environment ultra fine dust particles, the pollutant that is most toxic to the foetus. In addition, negative ions can enhance sleep, as well as protect against infections. Used throughout pregnancy and beyond, they will help reduce the dangers to your child, whilst in the womb and when he’s growing up.

For Drivers

Many people enjoy driving, but these days city driving can be hazardous to your health. Caught in rush hour traffic, your vehicle becomes a haven for airborne contaminants, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and germs. Opening the windows ensure constant ‘fumigation’, especially if you are stuck behind a bus or truck. It’s even worse in air conditioned cars, where the polluted air trapped within is recirculated and the concentration of pollutants rises further.

The TRUMPXP Air Sterilizer is specially designed to be used in vehicles. While you are driving, the MedKlinn Car Air Sterilizer floods the vehicle’s interior with massive amounts of negative ions. These negative ions remove pollutants such as pollen, harmful dust particles, cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes effectively, reducing the risk to health. Research has shown that exposure to negative ions is effective for reducing, as well as enhancing recovery from stress6. In addition, negative ions increase alertness and concentration, enabling you to react faster in today’s dangerous driving conditions.