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The Application of Ozone Generator in Toilet


The Application of Ozone Generator in Toilet

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and social progress, people are increasingly concerned about their own health and harmony of human society. Social production grows in the direction of humanity and application. It has already been more than 100 years since the ozone was found. Today, it has been widely used in various industries.


Ozone generator has a very broad uses. For water and air, it has the function of sterilization, disinfection, keeping fresh and purification etc.



Application in the Toilet:

Ozone toilet includes water tank and ozone generator. Ozone generator is hung on the side of the tank. Infrared sensor and delay controller are installed outside the ozone generator. Delay controller has electrical connection with ozone generator. Ozone generator connects with gas hose which is though into the water tank. It has an obvious effect on deodorization and sterilization. Ozone made by ozone generator is transported to the mixer in the water tank through the hose. Some ozone dissolves in water forming ozone water to rinse the toilet, some disperses in air to purify the air. This product has the advantages of reasonable structure, ease of use, good effect on cleaning and purifying air, especially suitable for the cleaning of toilet in family or hotel.


Above is a picture of the top of a toilet, which integrates air-drying, warm-water cleaning and sterilization. It can reduce people’s anal diseases and female’s bacterial infection of their bodies. It is a comfortable, healthy and humanistic modern products which can rinse your buttock with warm water when you finish, eliminate physical health troubles of female. If in winter, it can blow warm wind for drying, which is good to hemorrhoids patients, elders, children and pregnant women, reducing gynecological and anorectal diseases.


Work Principle:

When flushing the toilet, ozone generator also starts automatically, which will produce ozone gas with a certain pressure, ozone gas through pipes goes into the toilet together with water, making disinfection and deodorization for the wall and internal space of the toilet; At the same time, some of the ozone mixes with water in the process of entering the toilet, and forms ozone water to sterilize and disinfect in the toilet water pipes; there are also a small amount of ozone gas escape from the toilet, and make disinfection and deodorization for surrounding air. The ozone generator work for one minute every time, then shut down automatically and enter standby mode.

Mechanism of disinfection: Ozone is an internationally recognized broad-spectrum, effective fungicide, can rapidly kill the bacteria and viruses on articles surface, in water or in air, also can remove all odor, and no secondary pollution.

How to Use: Just need to press the flushing button after using the toilet


Environment of Toilet:

The main reason of dirty air and many bacteria in toilet is closestool. The internal space and surface of the closestool have a large number of bacteria which multiply and increase all the time, and have spread to the air. If only rely on the use of air purifier or regular wash, toilets can not be cleaned thoroughly. Obviously, the most direct and effective way is to make the closestool itself has the function of disinfection and deodorization.


Ozone Characteristics and Relevant Byelaws:

Ozone whose formula weight is bigger than air is a gas with fishy smell. It will decompose to oxygen after 30 minutes at normal temperature. Ozone can kill large intestine bacilli, golden staphylococcus, black teeth blight Cellular, hepatitis viruses, fungi and almost all bacteria and viruses. The sterilization rate of ozone is two times faster than chlorine. Ozone also has strong deodorant functions to remove odor, flavor and other peculiar smell. After the sterilization and deodorization, ozone will decompose to oxygen, no residues and secondary pollution. Therefore, ozone has been known as the green element.

We can sniff ozone when its concentration in the air reaches 0.01 - 0.02 mg / L. If too high, it will stimulate the respiratory tract, cause human discomfort. The nation has classified ozone as the index of air pollution and prescribed that its concentrations must low than 0.2 mg/m3 in the air.

Ozone is very extensive scope of application, as bottled mineral water and purified water we drink, which have been all disinfected by ozone. Currently in China, ozone is mainly used to disinfect for drinking water, sewage, aquaculture water, swimming pool water, certain items, food and air etc. It is also used in fruits, vegetables, aquatic products preservation, and so on.

When using ozone to disinfect the air, there must be a sufficiently high concentration of ozone. "Technical specifications of sterilization" made by National Sanitation Organization states that the concentration of ozone in the air must reach 5-10mg/m3 when using ozone to disinfect air.


The Indicators of This Patent Toilet:

    1、The ozone level of ozone generator in toilet is 300 mg / h, each automatic deodorization persists one minute.

2、The internal space of the toilet is about 10L.

3、 According to measuring, in the 5mg ozone going into the toilet, about 10%(0.5 mg) go into sewers accompanying water, about 10%(0.5 mg) overflow from the toilet, actually about 4mg ozone are inside the toilet.

4、The ozone concentration inside the toilet: 4mg/10L = 4 mg / L (4000mg/m3).

5、The average ozone concentration inside the loo: 0.5mg/4m3 = 0.13mg/m3 (the space of the loo chooses more than 4m3).

From the above data we can see that the ozone concentration in the toilet is high enough to kill the bacteria on the toilet wall and in the air, and remove the smell. The ozone concentration in the toilet in the air is very low, no more than 0.2mg/m3. Indeed, because ozone is heavier than air, most of the ozone escaped from the toilet falls on lower space of the loo, mainly gathered around the toilet. In the space about 0.5 meters high in the air, ozone concentration is very low, only about 0.01mg/m3, and people can not feel it at all.