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How to Choose the Best Professional Hair Dryer

    Is a $200 hair dryer really better than a $20 hair dryer? The answer may surprise you. While most hair dryers today boast numerous "features" that look appealing to consumers, salon quality dryers really are different.


    Do you really need a better quality hair dryer? Well, it depends - do you really need healthy, strong hair that isn't brittle or frayed? We think paying a little more for a quality hair dryer is a reasonable investment.

    Let's break down some of the features you should look for in a quality hair dryer - and more importantly, why.



The Heating Element:

    • Cheap hair dryers normally use metal or plastic heating elements that burn with intense and uneven heat. Essentially, they dry your hair by cooking the water out of it - literally boiling it off.


    • If you don't take great pains to protect your hair, prolonged blow drying will make it grow brittle and eventually break, as your hair can't stand up to being flash-fried on a regular basis. Even products that protect against heat damage can't hold up to this kind of heat for long.


    • With high-end hair dryers, ceramic heating is the standard. Ceramic has remarkable properties of heat conduction - which you may know, because modern space heaters and similar home technology tend to use ceramic.  This is because ceramic produces "far infrared heat" which is radiant- it penetrates the hair shaft safely, instead of heating from the outside in. This also explains why ceramic flat irons & curling ions are the choice of professionals.

"Ionic" drying:


    • Cheap hair dryers that use metal or plastic elements diffuse positive ions that cause the (normally neutral) cuticle covering of the hair shaft to open, causing frizz and dull appearance.


    • Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which cause the cuticle to remain flat, "trapping" moisture, eliminating frizz and giving hair more body.


    • Plus, they dry hair faster than regular dryers and leave it shinier and smoother. This is because they don't "cook" your hair dry like the old metal or plastic coils did - they actually break down water molecules in your hair instead. Ionic dryers also banish the static electricity that results in a flyaway mess of hair. Ceramic charges ions negatively - to an extent - but combining it with other elements can boost that charge.