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Dangers of a man using computer before going to sleep

    If you use the computer before going to sleep ,bright display and switching program activities will have a strong eye and nervous system stimulation,destruction of temperature variation , affecting sleep quality , and even insomnia, dreams and other sleep disorders and more.In fact, men going to bed with a computer harm far more than this .

    About a man sitting in front of the computer for a long time , we may think of the general quality of a man's sperm will be affected , severe may lead to infertility. Chinese experts pointed out that, under normal circumstances, high body temperature during the day and low body temperature duting the night, large temperature difference between the two is easy access to deep sleep. Let's take a look at the dangers of men  with the computer before going to bed.

Affect the reproductive system

Affect people 's reproductive system, mainly reduced sperm quality of men,spontaneous abortion occurs in pregnant women and fetal malformation.

Affect the cardiovascular system
Affect people's cardiovascular system as heart palpitations , insomnia , some women menstrual disorders, bradycardia, cardiac output decreased , sinus arrhythmia , neutropenia , decreased immune function and so on.

Easy radiation induced cancer
Computer radiation contamination will affect the body 's circulatory system , immune , reproductive and metabolic function, but also a serious cause cancer , and will accelerate the proliferation of human cancer .

Affect the visual system
A man with a computer before bedtime will have a negative impact on the visual system, the eye belongs to the human body due to electromagnetic radiation sensitive organs , excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will impact on the visual system . Mainly manifested as decreased vision , causing cataracts.

    Chinese medicine experts advise: before going to bed with a man hazards that could affect your computer's reproductive system , cardiovascular system. Therefore, in order not to affect their health, so that health risks for men bottoming out , the best should do is to stop using the computer two hours before going to bed , the bedroom , do not display the computer , TV or mobile phone and other items , and create a pure sleeping environment , hot foot bath before bedtime can drink a glass of warm milk , or to relieve the symptoms of poor sleep.