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TRUMPXP TCB-66100C dish washing machine ozone water sterilization

For both air & water;
small size;
HV and cereamic in one body;
CD type ozone

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Trump professional in ozone generator
              We Committed To Make clean water & ai


  TRUMPXP TCB-66100C dish washing machine ozone water sterilization ozone generator






For water sterilization


Applied in water dispenser, washing machine and foot-spa


100mg small ozone generator


Normal type ceramic plate


For foot spa business:

*stimulates blood-circulation and refreshes tired feet

*increased blood-oxygen levels

*detoxification of the whole body via the feet

*curing of skin conditions such as athlete's foot

*curing of arthritis in feet and hands



ozone fresh air




1) Input voltage: AC110/220V DC12V

2) Current: <100mA

3) Power: <5W

4) O3 concentration: 50mg/h (under oxygen circumstance)

5) Ozone production way: ceramic plate

6) Type: TCB-66100C




small size cover connect





1. This is ozone generator for water.

2. connect to fan when installing

3. there is ceramic ozone plate in the end.

4. bule ceramic plate is LL TYPE: long life.  white ceramic plate

is normal type

5. LL TYPE life span > 3500hours; normal type life span is


6. life time is stand for the time when ozone plate start to

shorten output, not stand for the life out. usually at the time of

3500hour( 1800hours), the output will drop 15% .




It's ozone output is 1000mg/hr

It is long time type, and the ceramic plate is bule color

While for TCB-621GC

It's ozone output is 1000mg/hr.

It is normal type, and the ceramic plate is white color